Nonword Repetition in Bilingual Assessment: A Guide to Clinical Application

Nonword repetition is a valuable tool in the identification of language impairment in bilingual children. Despite its potential utility, its use is somewhat limited among practicing clinicians. A recently published article in Perspective of ASHA Special Interest Groups provides clinicians with a practical guide for using nonword repetition as part of their assessment batteries. Read the article here:

NWR is a useful diagnostic tool in bilingual language assessment when used as part of an assessment battery. Although its diagnostic accuracy limits its ability to be used in the absence of other tools, it can provide valuable information that can be used to strengthen clinical impressions. When using NWR measures, clinicians should take several important aspects in account, including the language and age for which it was intended, the type of stimuli included, and the scoring procedures. Clinicians who work with bilingual children should consider including NWR in their diagnostic toolkits, as a less biased method of assessment.

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