Phonological Development in a Bilingual Arabic–English-Speaking Child With Bilateral Cochlear Implants: A Longitudinal Case Study

Here is a recent longitudinal case study, published in AJSLP by Manal Sabri and Leah Fabiano-Smith, into the outcomes of a bilingual Arabic-English speaking child with a cochlear implant (CI). The article offers insight into the intersection of these of two areas. One very important clinical implication is the effect of early implantation. The results of this study suggest that early implantation may be a key factor in early language development. With regard to bilingualism, this study provides support for the notion that exposure to multiple languages does not have a detrimental impact on language development, for children with CIs.

Bilingual children with CIs have the capability to learn both of their languages and perform similarly to, and even surpass in accuracy, monolingual children with CIs…

From the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology:

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